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  Conduitry 3cd7f48ff6 reinstate Node 8 tests but always build on Node 14 3 months ago
  Conduitry 219fb567d8 drop Node 8 from tests 3 months ago
  Conduitry 90da964064 run tests on Node 14 3 months ago
  Conduitry cdf2a1db5c pkg: update homepage 3 months ago
  Conduitry 7b3ad9ce45 update build to use Rollup 2 3 months ago
  Conduitry 14944d4fb8 fix running tests on github actions 10 months ago
  Conduitry b607ed69fe fix running tests on Windows, and tidy 1 year ago
  Conduitry 494ee61d71 switch to github actions 1 year ago
  Conduitry 5cc954bb02 pin @types/node to 8 1 year ago
  Conduitry eaa62d8607 style 1 year ago
  Conduitry 14f8f96e89 point to more specific versions in package.json 1 year ago
  Conduitry f3cfbbac39 update homepage 1 year ago
  Conduitry e120b25a32 update .gitignore for pnpm v3 1 year ago
  Conduitry 7c32b0bcc6 update readme 1 year ago
  Conduitry f170223fe1 rollup: es -> esm 1 year ago
  Conduitry b0901e833a v1.0.2 1 year ago
  Conduitry 8d9d88681a point to declaration file 1 year ago
  Conduitry 9afd86d50d add typescript declaration file 1 year ago
  Conduitry f8f4697cef use rollup-plugin-cheap-ts 1 year ago
  Conduitry 748b78771e add travis badge 1 year ago
  Conduitry b7b5a8d2ba make tests stricter for file events 1 year ago
  Conduitry a8f6d5c970 typo 1 year ago
  Conduitry 340a06da28 travis adjustments 1 year ago
  Conduitry f389d43179 v1.0.1 1 year ago
  Conduitry 5fbe354a9d add travis 1 year ago
  Conduitry 1e82ed7383 update tests 1 year ago
  Conduitry 876c208da3 manually emit events for directories containing the changes file 1 year ago
  Conduitry 9f3d607244 v1.0.0 1 year ago
  Conduitry c30f9b4db9 port to typescript 1 year ago
  Conduitry 4405822cd9 increase test sleep timeout to reduce flakiness 1 year ago
  Conduitry 3a38be169d add typescript compilation mechanism 1 year ago
  Conduitry 4b2d1ce0cd update homepage 2 years ago
  Conduitry 3457be8dcc add pnpm shrinkwrap.yaml to .gitignore 2 years ago
  Conduitry 2a8ba36579 tidy 2 years ago
  Conduitry d83ad8ec19 use symbols as keys for properties set in constructor 2 years ago
  Conduitry dd9c23351a before init finishes, prevent use of paths and handling of events 2 years ago
  Conduitry 850b559822 more tidying 2 years ago
  Conduitry 4ae544c454 tidy error messages and comments 2 years ago
  Conduitry 2efd146b7e docs 2 years ago
  Conduitry a7137b4960 v0.3.0 2 years ago
  Conduitry 49ae6a87f0 make sure we don't emit + events for the root watched directory 2 years ago
  Conduitry 54e2ebeaaa update docs 2 years ago
  Conduitry 5b7109e3c2 more tests 2 years ago
  Conduitry 88e71b44aa update/rework tests 2 years ago
  Conduitry 1dd3cb4238 include isNew in + events 2 years ago
  Conduitry 64612f7107 instance name adjustments 2 years ago
  Conduitry 593d3e0eba rename .files to .paths 2 years ago
  Conduitry 8860f10b3b use specific assert methods in tests 2 years ago
  Conduitry ce7ee3f90f add test 2 years ago
  Conduitry 8563b09fc7 don't call filter for root directory, and don't include in files map 2 years ago