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[hostname].json fetch options

Each request will look for a corresponding [hostname].json and, if present, will use it as the second argument in all fetch calls.

For example, if you have a cf_clearance cookie for the Cloudflare protection in front of FurryBooru, you can create

// furry.booru.org.json
	"headers": {
		"cookie": "cf_clearance=whatever",
		"user-agent": "whatever"

and this cookie and user-agent will be used for API calls and for downloading the images.

USE_WGET environment variable

If the USE_WGET environment variable is set to a non-empty string, a call to the wget binary will be used to download the files, rather than th global fetch from Undici. (Calls to the API will continue to use fetch.) Use this if, for example, the fetch calls to download the files are failing with UND_ERR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT.