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# docker-windows-watch
Another shim to allow Linux containers running on Docker for Windows to watch for file changes in bind mounts. This requires Node.js 8+, but has no other dependencies.
## Usage
`node.exe docker-windows-watch.js`
Watches the bind mounts of all running containers, and monitors the starting and stopping of containers, and starts and stops watching as appropriate.
`node.exe docker-windows-watch.js container_name container_name...`
If you specify one or more container names, only bind mounts on these containers will be watched. The starting and stopping of containers is still monitored.
## Limitations
Probably many. This is a very new tool. No error handling. No sanity checking of watch events. Some of this might be on the horizon.
## Under the hood
This tool directly queries the Docker Engine API to look up containers, monitor starting/stopping containers, and send commands to them. It finds all of the bind mounts for the appropriate container(s), and determines the real Windows path and the Linux container's path for each one. It uses `fs.watch` to watch the directory from within Windows, and for each change it sends a `chmod + /mounted/path/of/modified.file` to the container.
## License
[The Unlicense](LICENSE).