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# rollup-plugin-cheap-ts
A hacky lightweight Rollup plugin for transpiling and bundling libraries written in TypeScript.
## Installation
This is not published to npm. Install from Git tags.
## Usage
Include the plugin in your `rollup.config.js`:
import cheapTS from 'rollup-plugin-cheap-ts';
export default {
// ...
plugins: [
// ...
// ...
You must have a `tsconfig.json` in the same directory as your `rollup.config.js`. This file must specify an `"include": []` array, as this is used when calling the `tsc` binary so it knows which `.ts` files to compile.
All references to TypeScript files must be extensionless, and all extensionless imports must be TypeScript files.
This probably doesn't work on Windows.
## License
Copyright (c) 2018 Conduitry