38 Commits (master)

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  Conduitry abb73d48b2 youtube: display tags as hover text on title 2 months ago
  Conduitry ecf6d49b21 youtube: better mechanism to wait for page to load 2 months ago
  Conduitry 81d2113d47 e621: support popular posts view 2 months ago
  Conduitry cc4f23fdf1 youtube: initial version 2 months ago
  Conduitry f1adbdfcd4 e926: initial version 2 months ago
  Conduitry a528825885 tvtropes: add placeholder version number 2 months ago
  Conduitry 27ddc08551 e621: add placeholder version number 2 months ago
  Conduitry db52063e14 e621: stop passing negative values to setTimeout 2 months ago
  Conduitry a9dd197740 e621: fix previews of deleted posts 2 months ago
  Conduitry 011a0fcc40 e621: fetch more missing previews 2 months ago
  Conduitry 61a397448b e621: adjust selectors when finding avatars 2 months ago
  Conduitry 9e8b06e6a1 e621: don't call find_all_posts with an order: query 2 months ago
  Conduitry 571a54e3f6 e621: avoid race condition where we look too soon for avatars to fetch 2 months ago
  Conduitry 64874a16c1 tvtropes: initial version 2 months ago
  Conduitry 2798392868 e621: use tagged template to suppress falsy expressions 2 months ago
  Conduitry 920bcca7a2 e621: fix labeling of animated posts in search results 2 months ago
  Conduitry 31566d8529 e621: adjust fetching of avatar and comment thumbnails 2 months ago
  Conduitry 4aaccd3d17 e621: bake 500ms throttle into make_request 2 months ago
  Conduitry 431da1c02d e621: use arrow functions 2 months ago
  Conduitry da0c34d0a6 e621: only augment search results when there are hidden posts 2 months ago
  Conduitry f635b198b2 e621: tidy handling of child posts 2 months ago
  Conduitry f54bd65ccb e621: add tooltip to augmented search results 2 months ago
  Conduitry c30b76c10d e621: more efficient retrieval of missing posts in pools 2 months ago
  Conduitry a201dad8ff e621: improve page traversal of API results 2 months ago
  Conduitry 335795a70a commit package-lock.json 2 months ago
  Conduitry 35d54c871d e621: use a helper to build DOM trees 2 months ago
  Conduitry 302445f484 e621: list in readme 2 months ago
  Conduitry dc0cf8d0ff e621: support parent and children views 2 months ago
  Conduitry 71de36ca84 e621: improve rendering of augmented search results 2 months ago
  Conduitry 5d7b3715fe e621: support pool view 2 months ago
  Conduitry 0488bead48 e621: use snake_case 2 months ago
  Conduitry e9e0b3bb68 e621: rework to use native XMLHttpRequest 2 months ago
  Conduitry b386706465 e621: bail if we're logged in 2 months ago
  Conduitry 41fa36932a allow global return in scripts 2 months ago
  Conduitry 6a5984880f add license 2 months ago
  Conduitry 3bee48b548 add ESLint config, etc. 2 months ago
  Conduitry 11cc2c8682 e621: initial version 3 months ago
  Conduitry 51b22d2d00 initial commit 3 months ago