46 Commits (master)

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  Conduitry 64da0a89cb e621: improve/fix wiki page handling 3 weeks ago
  Conduitry 36320c171d e621: tidy 3 weeks ago
  Conduitry e4014be077 e621: don't hang on thumbnails with data-id="0" 3 weeks ago
  Conduitry 612af87d16 e621: handle recent posts on user pages 1 month ago
  Conduitry 4835e14a8a update readme 1 month ago
  Conduitry 4470d46f43 move scripts and set versions 1 month ago
  Conduitry bf422f53d4 add pre-commit hook 1 month ago
  Conduitry 929d9908e5 e621: handle recent posts on wiki pages 1 month ago
  Conduitry bdeb45617a youtube: display tags as hover text on title 4 months ago
  Conduitry e3cf1ed586 youtube: better mechanism to wait for page to load 4 months ago
  Conduitry c4f062c081 e621: support popular posts view 5 months ago
  Conduitry ad4d6f07ef youtube: initial version 5 months ago
  Conduitry 0688931c39 e926: initial version 5 months ago
  Conduitry 04a33b1b43 tvtropes: add placeholder version number 5 months ago
  Conduitry 8860cb0f01 e621: add placeholder version number 5 months ago
  Conduitry 34f2040178 e621: stop passing negative values to setTimeout 5 months ago
  Conduitry 9acbecc4b7 e621: fix previews of deleted posts 5 months ago
  Conduitry 7a97ddf61c e621: fetch more missing previews 5 months ago
  Conduitry 1a50312757 e621: adjust selectors when finding avatars 5 months ago
  Conduitry 8ec051f9c5 e621: don't call find_all_posts with an order: query 5 months ago
  Conduitry 951987e2bc e621: avoid race condition where we look too soon for avatars to fetch 5 months ago
  Conduitry b4ace0c52d tvtropes: initial version 5 months ago
  Conduitry 8c29286ec7 e621: use tagged template to suppress falsy expressions 5 months ago
  Conduitry 7752274f0d e621: fix labeling of animated posts in search results 5 months ago
  Conduitry bf2d2c56c4 e621: adjust fetching of avatar and comment thumbnails 5 months ago
  Conduitry 3af704bc36 e621: bake 500ms throttle into make_request 5 months ago
  Conduitry 4b30b8d2a1 e621: use arrow functions 5 months ago
  Conduitry bc2d733122 e621: only augment search results when there are hidden posts 5 months ago
  Conduitry 29e069e09f e621: tidy handling of child posts 5 months ago
  Conduitry b87c302bc3 e621: add tooltip to augmented search results 5 months ago
  Conduitry ba03f1dd5a e621: more efficient retrieval of missing posts in pools 5 months ago
  Conduitry daa392a48c e621: improve page traversal of API results 5 months ago
  Conduitry a32f32ca18 commit package-lock.json 5 months ago
  Conduitry fa2cfe11f3 e621: use a helper to build DOM trees 5 months ago
  Conduitry f0c0d6cabb e621: list in readme 5 months ago
  Conduitry d0f416d8bf e621: support parent and children views 5 months ago
  Conduitry 91e4b22822 e621: improve rendering of augmented search results 5 months ago
  Conduitry 5f46bc35be e621: support pool view 5 months ago
  Conduitry 225e91b864 e621: use snake_case 5 months ago
  Conduitry 5f64583659 e621: rework to use native XMLHttpRequest 5 months ago
  Conduitry b386706465 e621: bail if we're logged in 5 months ago
  Conduitry 41fa36932a allow global return in scripts 5 months ago
  Conduitry 6a5984880f add license 5 months ago
  Conduitry 3bee48b548 add ESLint config, etc. 5 months ago
  Conduitry 11cc2c8682 e621: initial version 5 months ago
  Conduitry 51b22d2d00 initial commit 5 months ago